Course List

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Core Courses - Graduate Program in Health

The core courses are intended to ensure that students have a common basic understanding of the different aspects of health studies.

(Note:  Not all of these courses are offered in every academic year).

  • Core Courses for the Graduate Program in Health

HLTH 5010 3.0 Health and ScienceHLTH 5020 3.0 Health and Economics
HLTH 5030 3.0
 Health and PoliticsHLTH 5040 3.0 Health, Law and Ethics
HLTH 5050 3.0
Perspectives in Decision Making and Information Systems

HLTH 5405 3.0 Research Methods Seminar

HLTH 5485 3.0 Public Policy and Health


  • Field Specific Courses in the field of Health Policy & Equity

All MA and PhD students take a minimum of two out of three of the following field specific courses. These courses prepare students for their comprehensive paper.

(Note:  Not all of these courses are offered in every academic year).

HLTH 6210 3.0 Political Economy of Health Inequities
HLTH 6220 3.0 Human Rights and Health Equity
HLTH 6230 3.0
 Health Equity Analytic Orientations


  • Elective Courses for the Graduate Program in Health

In addition to the core courses listed above, students are expected to take elective courses offered by the program. One elective course in a cognate area may be allowed with permission of the Graduate Program Director.

(Note:  Not all of these courses are offered in every academic year).

HLTH 5410 3.0 Survey Design in Healthcare
HLTH 5415 3.0 Drugs and Decisions: Decision Making and Pharmaceutical Policy
HLTH 5420 3.0 Measuring and Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare
HLTH 5425 3.0 Managing E-Health
HLTH 5430 3.0 Evaluation in Research
HLTH 5440 3.0 Globalization, Pharmaceuticals & Health Equity
HLTH 5450 3.0 Health Equity & Mental Health Policy
HLTH 5455 3.0 Health Equity Human Resources - Working in Care
HLTH 5460 3.0 Ideological Conflicts in Health Care: Money Versus Care, Profit Versus the Public Good
HLTH 5465 3.0 Women and Health
HLTH 5470 3.0 Intra-Hospital Information Systems
HLTH 5475 3.0 Telemedicine Systems
HLTH 5480 3.0 Public Health Policy: Canada and the Global Context
HLTH 5475 3.0 Telemedicine Systems

HLTH 6245 3.0 Perspectives on Knowledge Transfer, Evidence and Decision Making in Organizations
HLTH 6250 3.0 Strategic Change Management in Healthcare Organizations
HLTH 6260 3.0 Health Information Management and Systems
HLTH 6290 3.0 Genetics and Public Policy, Ethics, and Law
HLTH 6300 3.0 Political Economy of Global Health


  • Cross-Listed Courses for the Graduate Program in Health & Critical Disability Studies

CDIS 5045 3.0 /HLTH 5450 3.0 Health Equity and Mental Health Policy

CDIS 5095 3.0/HLTH 5490 3.0 Intersectionality, Disability and Health


  • Recommended elective courses outside of the Graduate Program in Health

(Note:  Not all of these courses are offered in every academic year).

CDIS 5025 3.0 History of Health Care Ethics from Ancient Times to the Present
CDIS5060 3.0 Disability in the Age of Information Technology
CDIS 5065 3.0 Health Systems, Issues and Inequities in Comparative Perspective
CDIS 6130 3.0 International Development in Disability and Human Rights
CDIS 6140 3.0 Health and Disability
HIMP 6130 3.0 Strategic Management of Hospitals
KAHS 6030 3.0 Qualitative Research Methods
PHIL 6215 3.0 Theory and Practice in Bioethics: Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
POLS 6175 3.0 Politics and Policies in Aging Societies
POLS 6245 3.0 Global Politics and Health
SOCI 6831 3.0 Health and Illness
WMST 6221 3.0 Sexualities in International Development