The PhD Program in Health has two fields of specialization.

  • The Specialized field in Health Policy & Equity emphasizes the analysis and promotion of equity in health through public policy action. It is directed at the societal causes of inequalities in health and the organization and delivery of health care and how public policy can redress these issues.
  • The Specialized field in Health System Management & Health Data Analytics* centers around on the use of health data analytics to support health system management decision making and seeks to contribute knowledge regarding both the technological and the socio-political aspects of how health system decisions are made and how system change occurs (or why it sometimes fails to occur).

*Pending Senate approval

Students in the PhD program are expected to complete: (1)  Courses (2)Comprehensive Papers and Examination and (2) Dissertation as noted below.  All PhD students must abide by the Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements for completing their chosen program of study within 18 terms.

  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Dissertation

After successful completion of the comprehensive examination, PhD students will focus on the dissertation process. The dissertation makes an original contribution to scholarship in the student's specified field.

The dissertation process has a number of stages:

  1. The establishment of a Supervisory Committee, if different from the comprehensive examination committee. The committee consists of three faculty members, at least two of whom will be members of the Graduate Program in Health. The third member may be appointed to a Graduate Program other than Health;
  2. The preparation of a dissertation proposal, which must be approved by the Program Director, the Supervisory Committee, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  3. The writing of a dissertation acceptable to the Supervisory Committee and formally approved as examinable by the members of that committee;
  4. The successful completion of an oral examination, centered on the dissertation and matters related to it, and presided over by an Examining Committee recommended by the program director for approval and appointment by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.