Student Perspectives

Adrienne Shnier (M.A. 2012; PhD 2016)

photo of Adrienne ShnierCompletion of my M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the Health Policy & Equity stream of the Graduate Program in Health has been enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding. Conducting graduate work alongside critical scholars truly serves as a cornerstone of the Graduate Program in Health and inspired me to delve into challenging and sometimes contentious research areas. The continuous support and mentorship from my supervisors and the rest of the SHPM faculty allowed me to identify and explore my own critical academic questions, set and achieve my goals, and develop strong professional networks.


Julia Brassolotto (PhD 2015)

photo of Julia BrassolottoI completed my PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Graduate Program in Health at York University and both experiences were incredibly rewarding. I was privileged to work with leading Health Equity scholars and participate in their research. My colleagues came from a variety of disciplines, which made for interesting classroom discussions and some lasting friendships. The education and training I received at York was exceptional and prepared me well for my academic career.